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he 5 hikes below are all 30 minutes or less away from Reykjavik, the short distance is perfect for the winter months when road conditions and quickly changing weather is a concern. Before taking off on any of these hikes make sure to check road and weather conditions just to be safe. If time (and the weather!) allows I recommend doing all 5, but just one hike will have you falling in love with the Icelandic nature and planning a trip back in the summer!


Getting back to this pretty mountain can be a challenge if there is a lot of snow in the area, but it is nothing that a 4×4 can’t get you to. Mt. Keilir is not a long hike, but the steep climb will still give you one Icelandic challenge to tell your friends about! This steep hike doesn’t take long, perfect for those with only a few hours to spare in their busy Iceland schedule. If the Blue Lagoon is on your list make a full day of it with a hike at Mt. Keilir before heading off to soak in the Blue Lagoon!

Located just a short 10-15 minutes from downtown Reykjavik, Elliðaárdalur is my go to spot when I am short on time but need a little nature break. And for being right in the middle of Reykjavik this nature area has it all! Hills to hike, waterfalls to admire, bunnies hopping about and endless amounts of trails to walk, this area is full of beautiful nature. Elliðaárdalur is especially perfect if there is a lot of snow or ice making other hikes not possible as it is close to downtown and easily to reach by public transportation.


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